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What's next for the upcoming week on the calendar 29.10 - 02.11

published 1 year ago

 We are nearing the end of October and nevertheless, we have a lot of things to keep an eye out on the economics calendar.

Starting off with Monday we have Japan Retail Sales when Asia opens 2.1%/2.7% and during the EU session, we have UK Mortgage Approvals rolling in with a forecast of 65K vs 66K forecast. During the whole day, we have the EU Economic Forecast as tentative so it's a good idea to watch out for that one, we may have some interesting things coming out. With the pre-market following for the US session, we have Core PCE Price Index 0.1%/0.0% and Personal Spending 0.4%/0.3%.

Tuesday starts again with fundamentals from Japan with the Unemployment Rate coming in early Asia opening forecasted to pop at 2.4% from 2.4% previous. Sometime during the EU trading, we are going to anticipate the German Perlim CPI data 0.1%/0.4% and the German Unemployment Change -12K/-23K. For the EU Zone, we have after that the EU Perlim Flash GDP q/q 0.4%/0.3%. In the US trading, we have the CB Consumer Confidence forecasted to come out at 136.3 points versus 138.4 previously. And as we move into the closing of the US we have BOC Gov Poloz speaking. 

Wednesday starts off with Japan again and Perlim Industrial Production -0.2%/0.2%. During Asia trading, we are going to see the Japan Monetary Policy Statement, BOJ Policy Rates -0.10%/-0.10% that's for the BOJ not touching the rates yet and the BOJ Outlook Report. During the BOJ statements, we have JPY Consumer Confidence 43.5/43.4 and Housing Starts -0.5%/1.6%. As Europe begins we have German Retail Sales 0.5%/-0.1% and EU CPI Flash Estimate 2.1%/2.1%, CORE CPI Flash Estimate 1.0%/0.9% and EU Unemployment Rate 8.1%/8.1%. All in for inflation and the employment market. The US will hit us with the USD ADP Non-Farm Employment Change 190K forecast vs 230K and moments after that we have CAD GDP 0.2% previously, no forecast and USD Chicago PMI 60.3/60.4 and USD Crude Oil Inventories where previously they were 6.3M. Finishing the day we have BOC Gov Poloz speaking.

Thursday and the new month of November begin with JPY again and Final Manufacturing PMI 53.1/53.1. EU trading will bring us a ton of news for the UK economy. We have the GBP Manufacturing PMI 53.1/53.8, BOE Inflation Report, MPC Official Bank Rate Votes 0-0-9/0-0-9, Monetary Policy Summary, Official Bank Rate 0.75%/0.75% and BOE Gov Carney speaking. USD Unemployment Claims follows 213K/215K and ISM Manufacturing PMI 59/59.8. 

Ending the week, on Friday, we have German Final Manufacturing PMI 52.3/52.3. GBP Construction PMI 52/52.1 and on the US session we have CAD Employment Change 63K previously, Unemployment Rate 5.9% previously, CAD Trade Balance 0.5B previously and USD Average Hourly Earnings 0.2%/0.3%, Non-Farm Employment Change 191K/134K and Trade Balance -53.4B/-53.2B. 

 That's it pretty much, of course, you can filter out what you want by country or importance in the calendar on the site here or alternative ones if you have to decide what's important for you and what not. I am recapping only the most basic and important economic fundamentals that may and can drive the markets to have somewhat of an impact. Wishing everyone a successful week ahead!