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USDX Dollar Index recap for 28.09.2015

published 5 years ago
USDX Daily

 The USD weakened against most major currencies in the Asian session on Tuesday. For 28.09.2015, the daily price bar (O:96.23; H:96.52; L:95.89; C:95.79) dropped sharply as mentioned in the Asian session in its continuation after the US close.  While there was some demand for dollar in the European sessions, the desire for the greenbuck vanished quickly as news started flowing from the FED and from fundamental stand point. Still in my opinion these moves are temporary and the price is still in an uptrend. For now 96.38 is a resistance zone for the price to move up, but if conditions shift again against the dollar which is not excluded as a scenario of course the price will start its drop to 95.29. And on the top side if demand for USD is high, we have 96.38 and more importantly - 96.81.