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S&P500 recap for 04.01.2016

published 6 years ago
S&P500 Daily

The S&P500 ended the year at 2057.9 on a resistance level, failing to make a new higher push towards 2110. With the new year, S&P falls in the carnage in equity as money is dumped from the market, rate digestion continues, fear settles in as the overall situation in the Middle - East deteriorates ever further now with the rising tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The Index yesterday opened at 2046.6, made a slight  day high at 2050.3 and dropped hard towards 1987.2 for a close at 2016.2. 1985.5 is a support and bulls swept in to buy the dip. Perspectives are for the S&P500 to fall as the dollar rises more and mass selling continues to put pressure on the equity world. A test towards 1985.5 again is imminent.