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Changes to the category section

published 4 years ago

As you may have noticed I don't post very often or... even not at all anymore reports and recaps on the cryptocurrency status and price movements mostly regarding Bitcoin and Litecoin. With this I have made a decision, consulting with my friend, helping me on the TheDailyChartist to remove the Cryptocurrency section and open place for the coming FOREX/Market encyclopedia and Tutorials sections which are still being formed and are soon to come. Past recaps on Bitcoin and Litecoin will remain in the data. I am shutting down my trade operations with crypto also, focusing on forex mainly. Reasons behind all of this? Well nothing happens and mostly for me - I do not see any profitable reason to stay in these markets. The converted money from bitcoin and litecoin will be redirected to forex or other assets. Low and dropping volumes, low volatility making the crypto market susceptible to scams and price manipulation, almost no movements, crypto going in to hibernation, still no strong, secure and easily reachable trading and market infrastructure, bad reputation, retail miners were pushed hard from the market, making mining worthless. These are my motives behind my decision today. 

 But in a sunny, bright day, maybe it will rise again and will satisfy the zealous statements that Bitcoin is the future of money,  and we will all have like that portable btc wallet shown in "Almost Human". As from an investor's point of view - this is my statement on crypto. 

 TheDailyChartist will continue to cover daily events and moves from the markets around the world and we are working on delivering more content in the future.