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Bitcoin action over the weekend (17;18.10.2015)

published 4 years ago

 Bitcoin's performance has been outstanding over Friday and the weekend. The price broke trough 262 and breached deep into the sell zone and on Saturday price peaked at 272.965. After the peak a quick dropped followed to its daily close at 264.031 as profit taking occurred and on Sunday btc lost more ground against the dollar as people were turning in their profits over the whole weekend and corrected to 257.401. Volumes were high and rising by the end of the week. A possibility exists for the price to move away now from 257.401 and look for more ground higher towards 270 again and 273. On the very far top still 279.792 holds as a long-term sell zone which may be reached if the price holds its momentum. I personally sold my bitcoins at 270 and bought again at 258.361 to catch the next impulse.