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The Euro reaching its peak

published 2 years ago

Euro is making its climb steadily with the overall weakening Dollar recently, but today it has turned South after reaching its peak at 1.18086 (forgot to place the line) with today's returning strength from the USD. The movement has formed a wedge formation getting steeper, filled inside with impulses, supported by the Bulls and the CCI and StOCH indicators, forming buying signals constantly. The good thing is that the price has managed to peak above 1.17498, which in the past turned out to be hard to be breached as there were many attempts this to be done, but the impulse from Yesterday closed with its body above the line. There was no fake breakouts and long shadows, indicating that the attack on the level from the Bulls wasn't in vain and quickly exhausted. For today its a different story, as I have mentioned the price quickly turned in to the red zone and left a long shadow on the top side after the breach. The price most likely will close under the level signalling that there is not enough determination from the Bulls to turn the tide in their favour and to continue the climb towards 1.18086 and 1.18518. With this, I think that the price will go further down with returning strength to the USD across the board with long-term movement down towards 1.15282. As Trade War tensions rise again as previously, the USD gained, in this case it will happen again. 

Sterling under pressure

published 2 years ago

 The Pound has suffered heavy losses today as it has lost its strength against the USD, which emerged more stronger today and with the better than expected CPI for the Canadian economy, which dragged GBP/CAD down. CAD CPI came in at 0.9% versus 0.1% on a monthly basis with 0.6% forecast. As the price is under pressure now it has moved away from the top at 1.33011, which was promising for any further recovery for the Pound in amidst the Brexit crisis regarding the negotiations. So right now the price has dipped further towards 1.30562 and it has landed on that level firmly. If any breach occurs followed by a confirmation we may see the price dipping further down towards the lower trend line for a test, where it is going to be crucial to see if the test is going to succeed or fail for further indication on the price's behaviour and movement. StOCH and CCI are in their overbought levels and are already turning South, moving under the dedicated levels, indicating a sell signal, so be on the watch out for that. 

Bitcoin searches for new highs

published 2 years ago
Bitcoin Daily

 The price has managed to bounce back again from the demand zone between 6206 and 6000 and Bitcoin continues to show resilience against the Bears which are struggling hard to push the price even further down. The level of 6000 has turned itself into a psychological barrier, which has kept the price in a tight range, though still within the overall downtrend. This support zone has led for the price to start making a new leg up towards the upper trend line around 6930. For me, the price will attempt a push towards 7000 or at least towards 6900 and will turn again South as renewed pressure from the Bears will subdue the price again with downtrend movement towards the demand zone one more time. Have in mind CCI and StOCH are reaching their overbought levels as well, so be on the watch out for these. Longs are still good enough to catch an impulse up for a fast short-term profit, but always use a stop loss for any sudden sentiment shifts and the volatility to "kill you". 

Making a decision

published 2 years ago

 Making decisions in your life is the basis for moving forward, showing character, building relationships and growing as an individual in your professional and personal life. The right ones will show if you are on track, moving sideways, or drifting away towards something negative. The outcome of our decisions determines if we did right or wrong. Sounds like a 50 - 50 luck probability if you are in a casino. In some situations, we truly "make a bet" for certain outcomes for our benefit. Choosing your career path is 50 - 50 for you to succeed in the career path or fail and shift to a different area. Also for some, choosing this kind of living isn't suitable, isn't enough and it doesn't define them as individuals and they drift from the system. This moment occurs when they discover their inner talent in freelance areas, creating something on their own in arts, crafting, web design, programming and consulting. But recently after lifting the big limitations and restrictions for the "common folk" and the advancement of technology, brokerage business and influencing marketing campaigns, trading, has become something very common now, popular and very affordable for everyone as having as much $25 and an internet connection. Thus the "retail trader" was born. Or in other words - anyone who saved some kind of (losable) amount of money and to trade from their homes through a broker, on a margin and with some sort of a trading platform that can provide fundamental data - news, and technical data - charts and to accomplish chart studies. And of course the demo account, where everything is the same, except the money - not real.

 So you hear of this thing called "trading" and you are curious. Is it a casino? Pure gamble? Or something more complex, alive even, that requires much knowledge, experience, discipline and foresight. Is it a casino? Yeah, in the end, you have 50/50 ratio that your trade is going to succeed, even though you've spent 2 hours analysing the EUR/UD pair and making a prediction (individual one) based on fundamental and technical analysis, you can't take everything in to account, you will miss out on risk factors, you will be stunned, shocked, surprised, even devasted on the outcomes. But you've already made a decision - buy, sell it, hold it. Whatever it is. Complex, even alive system? Sometimes when you watch the charts on the most volatile and liquidate instruments you wonder how is this happening so fast as it is happening from its own as an organism. You just can't comprehend how fast orders are executed from all over the world in trillions of USD. What the chart ticks are every market participant's decision and their sentiment, which was shaped by their analysis to go long or short. Some will win, others will lose. The interesting thing is that even if the market goes in the opposite of your direction, in the end, it might actually go in your favour. And you know what quality is that? Discipline. Not to overdo it in the margin exposure and with appropriate stop loss (ALWAYS USE STOP LOSS). Also, discipline lets you stay cool, trade under pressure or wait for a certain trade to reverse. Sometimes closing a losing trade prematurely leads to the fact that the market has reversed, started to move in your direction and actually reach your predicted take profit as well. Knowledge is important and can give you a strong advantage over others. Knowing about news, statistics, fundamental data can actually prevent you from taking a trade, where others may be fooled by the market and when it goes choppy or reverse to be "killed", but you will remain alive. This was achieved by your knowledge and your discipline not to make rushed decisions and to jump in straight away with 1 lot on your $250 account with margin 1:500. 

 So trading isn't actually that much of a gamble isn't it? If you can control yourself, money and risk manage your account and be wary. When you trade you need to be in the zone. Fully focused. Today you may not make a trade, but you have another day in front of you. And you need to constantly keep that tempo and overcome the losing trades and keep a positive ration on the account so that you can be happy from the numbers. This will strongly affect your psychology and will test you between greed and fear and will determine if you are going to succeed long-term, or you will give up and leave it, blaming the Casino for your inability to control yourself. 

 As with everything in life, the outcomes depend on your decisions you make. So it is in trading. Before making the initial decision to start trading you need to make a fine judgment on your finance and in your ability to learn, focus, stay conscious and to achieve the "in the zone" effect, which will take some time and some margin calls, but it is a part of the process on your path to long-term success and satisfying profits. 


Natural gas not looking that natural anymore

published 2 years ago
NGAS Daily

 Natural Gas's price is returning again into negative territory as it showed it head little above the upper line of the downtrend which was recently effective (now resuming) as the candle yesterday made a false breakout and it turned to a bearish engulfing one as well. STOCK also is in overbought zone and makes the sell cross. CCI turned bearish as well. An accelerated move down and resumed bearish pressure may send the price towards 2.721 and 2.654 as well.