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2015 - as what it was.

published 4 years ago

Years passes by like feathers from the never-endless bird flight across the empty Space and as such, we turn around the Sun one more time, entering in-to 2016. 

 2015 surely had its epic moments, though much of it filled with tragic, life-shattering events and casting a shadow over the future, making us doubt, loose hope and belief. One may say - it was even worse than 2014... 

 But lets not be so pessimistic. 2015 was filled with positive events, discoveries, experiences, daring more, trying harder, fighting for the better good. We made a huge progress in connecting each other around the world, with more people than ever are on the Internet. The Debt-free colleges initiative has been started to relieve student loans. The Supreme court legalized gay Marriage. The world reached a historic climate deal. We became more tolerant towards colored people, different sexes - their orientation and self-being, more doors were unlocked for them in professional and social aspect. People trough the media became more open towards the lifestyle difference between people. Different initiatives were started in the social media, by the people, followed by the corporate sector and government. Medicine made a paradigm shift in understanding and treating mental health issues. The Church was involved in the LGBT situation - approving religious weddings for gay couples. After the Ebola outbreak, lessons were learned. Hospitals established new intake procedures and an improve tiered system for responding to emerging infectious diseases. Nurse's rights were improved and the way we handle community outreach. New animal laws were implied for better protection. The World experienced once more the fear of war and saw a forgotten face in the eyes of the feared refugees, running from the horror in their own countries. As hard as it is... with lack of the majority for trust and tolerance, people accept them, are patient with them and they guide them. The technology progress this year was amazing... 

 "Light will overcome darkness" - Queen Elizabeth II. Even after the Paris horror - the Christmas spirit warmed their broken hearts.

 I am surely missing more, but you can get my vibe. 

 2015 was the People's year. Globally we are getting more involved in the events, as they make bigger an bigger impact on our lives. We are not that disconnected from each other, we are not indifferent towards other. And this will make us be together, and be stronger. 

 For me personally, 2015 was exciting, filled with much events - mostly positive and success shined on me. 

 I hope that for 2016 this trend will continue for me. For the world, with these events on the background of everything else - evil filling us with hate and despair, I regain my hope and belief, that in the end we, as a specie are heading towards a bright future. 

 TheDailyChartist will introduce new content as my personal account statement and comments on different trades - winners and losers, tutorials on how to start trading in its basic steps (opening demo account) and exploring different strategies and concepts for trading. The FOREX Encyclopedia will be added to the website also. 

 Say goodbye to 2015 with no regrets, and welcome 2016 with hope.